One of our recent projects took a serious hammering at a G-Mex trade show.

Which is exactly what it was designed for.

Our client, who sell JCB licensed tools, approached us with a request for a log they could use to demonstrate an addition to their range – a new design of hammer.

The log was to be set on its own stand, and during the exhibition customers would be invited to hammer 4” nails into it using the new product.

Initially the log was to be around 2m long, 0.6m wide, and with two clean faces, so that after the first day of hammering the log could be turned over to present a new clean surface for day two.

The log was selected and cut to size and at this stage due to weight consideration it was reduced to 1.5m long.

JCB Demonstration Log at the lumber stage

We produced a 1:10 scale model of the log and stand so that the client could agree the design, and having decided to double the thickness of the log, we began the production process.

JCB demonstration log scale model

The surface of the log was pre-drilled to allow easier starting of the nailing.

JCB Demonstration log drilled holes detailing

Heres the finished product awaiting the addition of a plexiglass screen that was required as a health and safety feature.

JCB Demonstration log finished

And here is the final product at the exhibition!

JCB Demonstration log at the G-Mex Tool Show

Here’s the log at the end of the day, and a quick video of it in action.

JCB Log Demonstration hammers